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8 Angry Women | Fenn Films
8 Angry Women2017-08-06T13:47:54+00:00

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“8 Angry Women” is the first film project (feature-length film documentary) of Fenn Films. It has always been thought as a story anchored in reality. And this story can take its power only from the hardness, the depth, the complexity and the tense atmosphere of the reality of the israeli-palestinian conflict.

The film documentary gives us thus the power not only to inspire peace through our movie, but also to treat the theme of peace into the reality of the story. Perfect genre!


The Story

Story of an interior journey, “8 Angry Women” follows the encounter of eight women from Jerusalem, hostile to each other, in search of a shared path to peace in the middle of israeli-palestinian conflict.

Divided on everything, and declaring undying feelings of hatred and rejection for each other, the eight angry women will embark on an introspection of their lives, and revive and face together the decisive moments in their own pasts that got them to see each other as obstacles and ennemies who would never accept to live together within the same land.

From the Mountains and Valleys surrounding Jerusalem to the labyrinth of alleys of the Old City ; from the places where they’ve never set foot to the doors that they have never dared to open, the journey will drive little by little the eight women to question their convictions and certainties for the first time in their lives.

And if from the confrontation of differences, a shared path to peace could be born…

SouFiane Fenn President Founder Fenn Films
“8 Angry Women” represents a big and an imporant part of my own life. I lived during many years in the past situations and moments that made me feel tough things in my deep inside. And I had two choices : either I let those negative things take more and more hold of me and my life, or I decide to find a way to turn them into positive things. Thankfully, my work for the vision and the spirit of Fenn Films amazingly helped me to make the right choice. So I started a long and hard work of instrospection, and this amazing interior journey led me to reach inner peace and to be a much better human being. And the incredible thing is, it in turn made the vision and the spirit of Fenn Films much better. The power of peace as a virtuous circle… The “A Faith and a Half” book will tell the story of this already 14-year road.
SouFiane Fenn, President & Founder