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A Vision for Art | Fenn Films
A Vision for Art2017-08-06T13:30:31+00:00

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Independence, Freedom & Identity

Fenn Films is an independent film company, and being independent means for us to have the complete control of our movies at every step, from the devlopment to the distribution.

This is not an easy road – and it is even more true in the motion picture industry dominated by a small number of major studios– but it is absolutely worth it! It gives us a complete artistic freedom, and we take care of the whole process : from the first lines of the story to the screening in movie theaters So we make sure that our movies embrace all the aspects of our vision for cinema, and our vision for peace.

What would art be without identity?

“This is a Fenn Films movie for sure.” is what we want people to think after just a few minutes of film screening. Our stories are who we are and our movies are our artistic identity. There really is no way to give them up.


Story, story and story!

Famous French actor Jean Gabin said one day : “To make a good film, you need three things : a good story, a good story and a good story.” And you know what? We completely agree with him.


We think that the story is the most important element of a movie. It is the foundation of the whole thing. This statement is worth remembering because we believe that we need to bring cinema back to its roots : making movies with the constant love of the story in mind in every stage of development, pre-production and production. Because only a good story has the power to capture the imagination and grab the attention of the audience.

The reason why we are greatly optimistic that the independent low-budget filmmaking has a bright future is because the technology is more and more affordable for independent and low-budget filmmakers, and the story is what will more and more make the difference into a movie, and draw the audience. Technology and innovation are great things, but they are and must only remain tools serving the story.

Definitely, a good movie is above all a good story.


The impossible being possible…

Making the most different people meet for the first time and making them walk part of the way together in our stories is making the impossible be possible…

And from the impossible being possible in our movies, we’re making possible to change true stories, and bring the most different people together by driving them to question their convictions and certainties which thus will change their inner world and then naturally the world around them.

Making our work for peace around the world possible starts with the power of our stories and movies!