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The Road Not Taken | Fenn Films



“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— ; I took the one less traveled by ; And that has made all the difference… “, as Robert Frost wrote in his poem, “The Road Not Taken”.

And it made a huge difference…

The other road would have been so easier and much more comfortable. But what started with a choice become further a responsibility…

The entire road didn’t go as planned to say the least.

Since the very first idea of Fenn Films, many years ago, we’ve been through so many obstacles, disappointments, failures, sacrifices, hard times, sad moments, lonely moments, sufferings of all kinds, even physically…

But we are still here because we’ve never lost the faith. It has always been here at every single moment. Month after month, year after yea, we’ve assumed all of this was part of the path, and because of that, we were already making a difference…

Fenn Films is not my professional life. It is not my personal life It is MY life… A dream that fills my heart since I still was a child.. And a dream of a child is pure…

A few months ago, seeing and feeling how much I was suffering for Fenn Films, my little 17 year-old brother told me : “I know all the work and the sacrifices you made for Fenn Films. I know it is a lot of work, and one day with the help of God, you will succeed. You know what I do think about all this. You know it very well. It is a big hardship. And the day you will succeed, you will see that it was all worth it. Believe me, if it needs to take another 5 years, don’t give up!”.

I just can’t believe that I was younger than him when it all started, when this dream was born, when I took my first steps on this road… The hard lesson of patience and perseverance…

Today, we are on June 2016, and we hope it is finally our time. We are launching a new campaign to fund the “8 Angry Women” film documentary after having worked hard on and improved many aspects of our project.

In these times of war and violence all over the world, let’s believe in a path to peace. We call you to believe in us and in our path. We call you to make an extraordinary difference and support Fenn Films.

Love & Light,

SouFiane Fenn.

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