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Meet The Founder | Fenn Films
Meet The Founder2017-08-06T13:13:42+00:00


Founder, SouFiane Fenn, explains the impact of “8 Angry Women” and appeals to support the upcoming feature-length film documentary.


It all started with a movie.

16 years ago, when I was 17 years old, I made an extraordinary encounter with a woman who immediately inspired me with the very first idea of Fenn Films : making films to bring joy, magical, light and peace into the lives of people around the world.

A summer day in July 1999, I first ‘met’ Sherilyn Fenn in the movie “Just Write” which tells the story of a Hollywood tour bus driver (played by the talented Jeremy Piven) who poses as a screenwriter to romance an up-and-coming young actress. This encounter of two literally different worlds produced positive changes in their lives, after a road calling into question many of their respective certainties.

It was at that moment when the conviction was born in me that the power to make the lives of people more peaceful and happier could be given to movies – movies in which we’d make the most different people meet for the first time in their lives, and make them walk part of the way together. And of course, to live up to the challenge of having such a power, those movies would also have to fund projects for peace around the world.

The dream of Fenn Films was definitely born and will never leave my heart…

I though didn’t know that the road would be so long and so tough to make the dream of Fenn Films come true. But like I always say, its power is truly magical and unlimited…

I was so young and the system is what it is. So I had to start some studies in law, and I did continue them for a couple of years. Still wondering how I held out!

And then, after having been finally graduated in Law & Human Rights in France a few years ago, I decided to definitely follow my passion for telling stories and filmmaking. So I travelled to New York City on 2009 to consider the different ways to officially create Fenn Films and at the same time, to seek funds for the making of our first film project.

And when I was being there, I had during an evening like a flash in which I saw eight women from Jerusalem, hostile to each other, meeting for the first time in their lives and, screaming and arguing violently but for a positive reason : to find together a path to peace… And I immediately realized that this story had to be and would be our first film project.

So while I was working on the story of “8 Angry Women” and learning filmmaking for the last couple of years – I mostly did it by myself because I couldn’t possibly afford the New York Film Academy, nor any other film school –, I made my living as a dishwasher, an help cooker, an antique dealer, a pollster and many more.

I then have been able to save some money and I travelled the world to find the best way to fund our first film project without questioning our vision and artistic freedom. That has been a pretty tough road with many sacrifices and adversities that no one could imagine…

During those trips, I had the chance to meet up with Sherilyn Fenn on Spring 2012 at a restaurant in Los Angeles, after having been hoping and waiting for this moment for so many years. Her support and her amazing light played a crucial role in my determination to fighting for the “8 Angry Women” film documentary project until it is completed.

“A Faith and a Half”

When I look back over the road since I started walking on it about 16 years ago, I realize that Fenn Films is like a puzzle, and with the time it takes to figure it out, each moment, each feeling, each disappointment, each situation, each obstacle, each failure, each sacrifice, fitted in somewhere, and all those different pieces, good and bad, put together form a harmonious whole that makes sense.

“A Faith & a Half” is a book about the story of this puzzle that made Fenn Films be born and develop all along the road.

The work of writing this book is an important and necessary undertaking for me with the only aim – from my humble experience – to inspire children and young people (and the older ones) around the world to believe in theirs dreams and to fight for them because making them come true is possible and only depends on them.

SouFiane Fenn.