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The Impact | Fenn Films
The Impact2017-08-06T13:38:13+00:00


The first thing to say – and not the least important – is that, like for every movie & every artistic work of Fenn Films (please read Our Mission statement), 100% of the worldwide theatrical box-office gross & sales/rentals of products – DVDs, Blu-Ray, Merchandising, On Demand, TV – of the “8 Angry Women” film documentary will go straight to fund projects for peace that we’ll realize alone or in partnership with trusted nonprofit organizations.

The power of “8 Angry Women”

Fenn Films is more than a film company… And “8 Angry Women” is more than just a movie… Respectful to our mission and vision, it will be a film documentary that will have a deep and positive impact in the lives of all the people from both sides living and suffering in the israeli-palestinian conflict for so many years… And this conflict has lasted too much time and “8 Angry Women“ will bring something new and magical that will inspire people there to take positive and creative initiatives to manage to accept to live together in the same land and to do so a huge and an amazing step forward for a future strong and stable peace.

This is what “8 Angry Women“ will be!

And its power will even touch beyond Jerusalem and the israeli-palestinian conflict. It will make people living and suffering all kinds of conflicts around the world realize and believe in the fact that the secret of peace is in their hands, that they have this amazing treasure in their hands, and with the help of Fenn Films, make them achieve this by taking positive and enriching initiatives to build a more peaceful world.


Independent Low-Budget filmmaking : a bright future…

Supporting “8 Angry Women” is also supporting a vision for cinema. Why we think that the independent low-budget filmmaking has a bright future is because the technology is more and more affordable for indepedent and low-budget filmmakers, and the story is what will more and more make the difference into a movie, and draw the audience. So we need to bring cinema back to its roots : making movies with the constant love of the story in mind. Because only a good story has the power to capture the imagination and grab the attention of the audience. Technology and innovation are great things, but they are and must only remain tools serving the story.


And by your support, you will not only be suppo:ting “8 Angry Women“ but also charity : water, the non-profit organization that does an amazing work and for which we are fundraising to sponsor a school water project, and you will also be giving a chance to our second movie project, a chance to all our future seasons, a chance to our projects for peace, a chance for Fenn Films to change the world…

All of this is in your hands now!

You’ve never really realized the power that a movie could have before? Now, you do. It is a Fenn Films movie, and it has the power to change the world.  Support “8 Angry Women“ and change it with us!