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8 Angry Women Budget Breakdown Schedule Slider

8 Angry Women Budget Breakdown Schedule

“8 Angry Women” : an independent low-budget film documentary

As an independent low-budget film and making all possible savings on all levels, we need a budget of 147.000€ (Euros) which will guarantee the full production of the feature-length film documentary, and a high level of sound and image quality for cinema.

This covers over 5 months of full-time production in Jerusalem.

Additional funds will be committed to making the film even better (particularly at the post-production stage).

For these budget considerations but also due to the difficult conditions for filming in Jerusalem (the city is in constant tension and many places and areas require a filming permit) and our need for mobility, the goal is for “8 Angry Women” to be a local little and versatile three-person crew film documentary with SouFiane Fenn as director/cinematographer/video operator/interviewer, a sound recordist/sound assistant & an interpreter/production assistant. For the same reasons, ergonomic hybrid cameras will be used most of the time.

Making a movie takes a lot of time and attention, and is made of challenges. Like Errol Morris (the Oscar winning filmmaker for “The Fog of War’ film documentary) said, “A movie is like a tip of an iceberg, in a way, because so little of what you do in connection of making a movie actually gets into a movie. Almost everything gets left behind”.

After a long road, here we are. The expected and desired schedule for the film documentary is to be completed around late 2017. This schedule depending mainly upon the progress of its financing, the sooner the budget is fully funded, the sooner the movie will be finalized.

The Budget Breakdown

Here are some details about the budget breakdown (please see the image above) :

Pre-production (8%) includes all the preparatory work : hiring the crew, getting the visas, obtaining filming permits, checking out the locations, precising the visual style,…etc.

Production (45%) includes the sound assistant and the interpreter wages, the equipment and material, the softwares, the lodging, the transportation, the car rental, the meals, the ponctual services, …etc.  during the 5 months of full-time production.

Post-production (20%) includes the video editing, the sound editing, the color correction, the music composition, clearing music,…etc.

Administrative (8%) includes the office rental fees, the communication (phone, fax,…), the postage and shipping, the printing and copies,…etc.

Legal & Financial (2%) include the legal fees, the contracts, the insurances, the accounting,…etc.

Marketing & Promotion (9%) include the organization of private and advance film screenings, the film festivals submissions for late 2017/early 2018, the development of our website & social networks,…etc.

Paypal & credit card fees (3%) are all the commissions cut from budget.

charity: water (5%) includes our sponsorship for a school water project through the non-profit organization.

Financial Transparency

Very conscious of our duty of transparency and accuracy to our contributors, we will publish two audited financial reports (the first one just after the end of the production stage, and the second one when the film documentary is completed and ready to be released), so that for all supporters to know exactly where the entire budget has been spent on. Contributors will be advised by email when the documents are ready with a link to get access.